In order to understand why “re-shoring” makes sense, you’ve first got to understand why off-shoring made sense. Off-shoring (along with “downsizing” and “rightsizing”- probably two of the most despised terms in business) began in earnest in the 1980′s, due to reforms made by the Chinese government, beginning in 1978. Those reforms took time to take […]

More American-based companies than ever are doing business in China, or at least learning from their Eastern counterparts. This trend doesn’t only apply to large businesses, but smaller ones too. This movement is fueled by the fact that China is more technology advanced than it ever has been, and is anxious to do business. Today, […]

In many ways, Star Trek invented the world we live in today. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch a few episodes of the original TV show. You’ll see the communications officer wearing something that could pass for a Bluetooth device today. You’ll also see floppy disks (already here and gone the way of the […]