Sometimes, the worst happens. You’ve got a crew of great people and the bottom falls out. If you don’t let some of them go, everybody gets let go when you have to shut your doors. It’s a no-win situation, but business is driven by the market, by demand. If demand’s not there, you do what […]

Game theory is one of the most powerful tools a business (any business) can bring to bear on a problem. It doesn’t matter what it is, game theory can help you solve it. Even better, the solutions offered by game theory in general, and gaming in particular can help your company run better, faster, smoother, […]

You’ve probably got a good idea who should be looking at your data, the question is, who actually is looking at your data? One would hope that the two lists were close to, if not exactly identical, but what if they’re not, and how could you possibly know? Depending on the line of work you’re […]

Develop Clear Policies On Expenses This is the place to start, not the avenue you take after the abuses begin. You can determine these policies yourself, but it makes sense to include a few key staff, especially if you have not been making your own travel arrangements. Pre-trip planning must follow a checklist, such as […]

Whether you operate an online retail store, a brick and mortar shop or a combination, it is crucial to review and reexamine your product line at regular intervals. Don’t wait until you see a dip in sales, and never be satisfied with the status quo. Tweaking your product range just a little can encourage sales, […]

While most employees are perfectly willing to take incentives and bonuses whenever they’re offered, there is more to motivating your sales force than throwing money at them. Tapping into the more relational elements of personnel motivation can help your team feel more fulfilled in their job and increase their loyalty to the company as an […]

The title posts a perfectly fair and legitimate question. With so much in our world changing so quickly, it’s often good to check even our most basic, bedrock assumptions to see if they still apply. To answer the question posed, let’s first look at the “Four P’s” themselves and see what makes them tick. It […]

Profiting via giveaways works in retail outlets to this day. Create a “loss leader” to lure people into the store – this would either be a free product or something so deeply discounted that it may as well be free – then once they’re in the store, make strategic recommendations about other stuff they need […]

If you get the itch to amble over to the window or wander down to the break room when you hit a creative wall it may be you should give in to the impulse. Far from being off task or a time waster, walking appears to be a critical tool to improving productivity and innovative […]

The secret to writing a financial business plan that gets you financed – which is the real measure of its success – is to stay organized and concise. Exactly how to do that and convey all the information you need to convey about your new business idea will be fully explored just below. Here’s what […]