There are two pieces of technology currently converging that will allow outsourcing to take on new shapes and forms in the decades ahead. We’re already seeing it in practice in its primitive form. Those trends will continue as the technology continues to advance and improve. The two technologies in particular in this case are high […]

You want to expand and grow your business. Who wouldn’t? Sadly, there’s something standing in your way, and that is the banks. Post-recession, they’ve been reluctant to get back into the game, which is strange, since lending to business wasn’t what caused the recession to begin with. Still, having been burned, they’re suddenly quite shy […]

You know you’ve got a fantastic place to work, and your employees agree. The problem? It’s a little in the middle of nowhere-ish, and nobody really knows where you are. But don’t worry, there are few different, absolutely fantastic ways to fix that, technologically driven, of course, and below, I’ll introduce you to them. Directories […]

You are obviously quite familiar with .com, .net, .org, and the others. These were the extensions that the internet was founded on. These were the first generation top level domains. Back in the early days of the internet, before big companies decided for certain that this whole web-thing wasn’t just a fad and was probably […]

Who doesn’t love radio. Yes, it’s a little retro, a little old school, particularly nowadays, given the number of radio-like options available on the internet, and in particular, Sirius Radio. Yet local radio’s numbers have held up remarkably well. There’s something comfortable about it, something warm and predictable. People like familiar and cozy things, and […]

As an owner, you like to think you’re providing a safe environment for your employees to operate in and work from, but are you really doing everything you should be? Here’s a checklist of things you should use to ensure that your working environment is as safe as you can make it, and don’t worry, […]

First things first. Because it may have been a while since those Six Sigma classes, let’s take it from the top. If you gather together in one place a repeated collection of actions and variable in series, you have a process. If you gather together a collection of processes, you have a system. The process […]

Some departments are easy to outsource. Accounting is accounting no matter where you go. There are a few particulars with how your pay bands are set up and such, but from a practical standpoint, the basic functionality is largely the same from one company to the next. The same cannot be said of IT. You […]

The drive to better ourselves is embedded in our DNA. From the first time our earliest ancestors made the shocking discovery that a rock made a better tool for smashing things than a bare fist, the race has been on. These days, of course, it’s far less about finding new and innovative ways of smashing […]

From a business perspective, cloud computing is useful in a variety of ways. It can, for instance, allow you to more easily grant and control access to company data, enabling easier collaboration with remote, far-flung users. It can allow your employees to more easily work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. If you’re a hardware […]