With all the news from the NSA in recent months, and all the reports of that agency spying on pretty much everyone, friend and foe alike, concern for privacy has become more pronounced than ever. It’s always been important, of course, it’s just that these days, there’s a very real, tangible reason to take it […]

Study after study has shown that people who outsource their IT functions offshore don’t generally wind up saving either money or time. There is a huge expense involved in making such a move to begin with. Of course, there is more time and expense involved in marrying two very different business cultures, language barriers to […]

With Google Reader closing their doors and a blizzard of headlines to sift through every day, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. If you are, no worries, help is on the way. Here are five great ways to help make sense of the world’s events, and have them served up to you in manageable […]

Going on overseas trips for business or pleasure can be fun, but how do you stay connected on your cell phone while you’re away? Is your bill from trying to stay in touch going to make you pass out when you receive it for the two weeks you were abroad? How do you stay connected […]

There’s nothing quite like striking out on your own. There’s enormous satisfaction is forging your own path by creating a business that you own and control. It’s a truly great feeling, especially in that first year when you’re generally fairly flush with cash, having poured every resource you could get your hands on into the […]

Is your laptop looking less than its best? Maybe even a bit, well, grubby? Here are some suggestions for the proper care of one of your most hardworking and useful possessions. The Safest Cleaning Tools and Products for Your Laptop The materials you will need for cleaning your laptop are a fifty percent solution of Isopropyl […]

Establishing, growing, and maintaining your brand on Facebook isn’t hard work, but it can be surprisingly difficult. Still, technological innovations aside, good branding on social media is, at the root, no different from good branding in other marketing channels. Below then, are the essential steps you need to take in order to be a success, […]

Speed is everything in the world of computers. When you first purchased yours, however long ago that might have been, it probably dazzled you with its speed and performance. Even the biggest, hairiest applications could be opened with ease. You could surf the web with ten, fifteen, twenty or more tabs open at the same […]

We’ve got mice and pointers and hand gestures and swipes. The keyboard is starting to look and feel a little old school. Because of that, and because we spend all our time poking and swiping at our screens these days, we’ve kind of gotten out of touch with our keyboards. Below are some fantastically useful […]

The unfortunate truth is that there are some fairly bad guys out there, lurking in the corners of cyber space. They spend all their free time trying to dream up new ways of getting you to give them access to your banking or credit card information so they can rip you off. Fortunately, many of […]