Wireless connectivity has become the de facto standard, both at home and in the business world. Many small business owners have a wireless network set up in their homes, and the thinking is: Hey, it was easy to set up at home – setting up a wireless network for my office should be a snap. […]

One of the most difficult tasks any company has is filling those leading edge tech positions. It can be tough to find a person who can offer the special skills required, and many companies often go months or even longer with open positions that they just can’t fill. Great technology talent is out there, however, […]

So you have decided to launch your business online. Maybe your business will be online exclusively or maybe you are looking to expand your traditional brick and mortar shop into the vast world of the Internet. Whatever you are hoping to do, there are several steps that you must take to ensure a successful transition […]

During the furor over the NSA spy scandal, it was revealed that the technology in most people’s microwave ovens could be used to spy on them. Then comes the Internet of Things (IoT); a step forward in technology that will both make living easier and provide more information to consumers through the Internet, but which […]

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard the term Shadow IT. Broadly speaking, it refers to apps and devices brought in by your employees that the company does not own, connecting to cloud-based resources that the company does not control, and to whom the business has no formal ties. The risk, and the reason why Shadow IT […]

As the need for faster and more powerful systems continues to increase as does the desire to access data regardless of where you are around the globe, companies are finding that in order to keep pace they are having to regularly reorganize their IT infrastructure. IT departments work hard to ensure a fast and seamless […]

Technology and small business are two inseparable partners when it comes to growing an economy in the 21st century. Podcasts are an easy-to-use but important piece of that technology for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that it uses an advertising strategy that was made famous by Lee Iacocca of Chrysler […]

Due to changes in technology and the increased competition from the likes of Google, Microsoft created the Office 365, which allows users to access Office from the web. In an effort to continue to profit from Microsoft Office, this access requires a monthly fee in order to continue to use the service. One of the […]

Lenovo has recently reported a defective manufacturing run with a number of the company’s laptop power cords. This recall affects more than 500,000 AC power cord units, and was issued after receiving numerous reports of the cords sparking, burning, melting, and overheating. Reports of actual damage from malfunctioning cords has come from outside of North […]

The holiday season is often the most profitable season for businesses but it can also be a time of great stress. During the holidays both you and your employees will work harder than you have worked the entire year and between increased hours and extra time away for your employees, it can be difficult to […]