When Microsoft announced in September of 2014 the new Windows platform, you could almost hear the collective groans from business customers. After the Windows 8.1 version, many business owners were frustrated with the lack of innovative tools to help run their businesses. In fact, many companies opted to downgrade to Windows 7 after having tried […]

When looking at cloud computing options for your business, you should examine the benefits and the drawbacks of both public and private cloud services. A public cloud gives you the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere and share and collaborate on data with many different people. A private cloud, on the other hand, gives you […]

In the wake of the now-infamous Sony hack, many new security vulnerabilities are being found across a wide range of devices. Check Point Software Technologies recently revealed a flaw found in millions of routers in use across the Internet that allow hackers to take control of the devices. The vulnerability, being called “Misfortune Cookie,” has […]

Today, companies are able to collect massive amounts of data about their customers and their shopping habits. This data can provide companies with valuable insights into what products they could sell and how they should market those products to consumers. However, there are a few problems in the collection of data for many companies seeking […]

Social media has become much more than just a place for individuals to hang out and share their latest stories and pictures. Today, businesses are more involved than ever, and many companies have doubled down on social media, abandoning their traditional websites and email address for a Facebook page and a Twitter account. However, despite […]

With the advancement of technology comes a host of new problems that IT leaders must tackle. In the past, IT leaders have had to wrestle with a variety of issues, from what types of computers to buy to how many servers they should use to ensure a strong internal network. Today, times have changed and […]

Email is a valuable tool to any business. It is used by everyone and has become the top communication method used by people worldwide. However, from time to time it has also become a great source of frustration for users who feel overwhelmed by the vast amounts of data that arrive in their inbox. There […]

Crowdsourcing has become one of the best ways for companies to learn about what consumers think of their products and how they feel about their brand. It has also become one of the top ways for companies to connect with their customers and form meaningful connections to the brands they sell. What Is Crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing […]

The Internet of Things hopes to bring a new wave of connectivity options to seemingly mundane devices including your refrigerator and other household appliances. This new age of connected devices has already begun – thermostats have already been released that make your home or office “smart”, allowing you to control them with your smartphone from virtually […]

Smartphones have become an almost-essential shopping tool, and many users say they are willing to receive coupons and discounts from businesses on their devices. This is great news for business as it opens new doors to direct marketing to customers. However, creating an effective mobile marketing campaign comes with its own set of difficulties as […]