Passwords everywhere, with every system, with every account you have. You forget your passwords, or they are weak passwords that are easily picked off. Your company’s IT department spends countless hours retrieving passwords. Now, with the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Windows 10, your IT department may have more time on its hands to handle more […]

Ransomware is a type of malware that infects your computer and encrypts your data until you actually pay to have it removed. The first sign of trouble is usually some sort of text telling you that your computers data has been protected by a strong encryption and you will not be able to work with […]

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for a while, but since the turn of the millennia we have seen an increasing use of DDoS attacks that target large corporations, small businesses and even individual users. Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) provide little to no protection against DDoS attacks and can leave […]

Disaster recovery plans have been around long before the creation of the cloud. Back in the days of early personal computing, paper was the main source of data storage that companies depended on to recover critical company information in the event of a disaster. The location of the stored data was usually in a physical […]

As a business owner, you currently reap benefits that could only be dreamed of a century ago, but some of the technology you enjoy had its roots in the innovations of the old times. One can only wonder what do the next 100 years hold in store, when it comes to the development of useful […]

With smartphones becoming more and more about data storage and access than just simply communication, businesses are finding that these “pocket computers” are proving to be not just handy, but vital, to their survival in a need-it-now world. But revelations that tech companies were sharing emails, text messages, and other information with the National Security Agency […]

The question seems a bit odd given the rapid growth of tablets and their adoption by more than a few computer manufacturers. But the boom has subsided, with sales figures indicating that tablets are not the high-demand item they once were. A number of reasons have been cited for the decline, among them the larger […]

One of the biggest limiting factors in our handheld world has been battery life. No matter how long the battery life is on the current generation of devices, it’s just not enough. We’ve all basically become handheld power users, and our batteries just aren’t keeping pace with the demands we’re putting on them. Recent developments, […]

The idea of corporate management being delusional about the security of their networks seems almost laughable given the state of the recent successful cyberattacks against companies such as Home Depot, Target, and even Adobe. Yet the network giant Cisco reports that management believes that their networks are secure. Investigations into the security processes as major […]

In their recent annual report entitled The Global State of Enterprise Mobility 2014/15, the Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME) stated that businesses are increasingly spending funds allocated to mobile apps in order to increase employee productivity; as well as in traditional areas such as mobile device and application management, mobile security and cloud computing. This information […]