The latest Brand Finance Global 500 report out and contains some surprises this year. In the battle of the Brands, two companies have long topped the list:  Apple and Google.  This year, there’s a new Sheriff in town.  Amazon blew past the top two claiming the top spot for itself.  It is now the most […]

Sophos has released the results of their annual “State of Endpoint Security Today”, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. A full 54% of companies surveyed reported having been hit by a ransomware attack in 2017. Another 31% reported that they expect to be on the receiving end of such an attack in the near […]

Microsoft is getting tough on so-called “registry cleaners”, and it’s about time.  The company recently announced a planned change to Windows Defender (the anti-malware program that comes standard with every Windows installation).  The change will see to the deletion of an increasing number of these registry cleaners.  It’s a great move, and the company deserves […]

Security researchers from around the web are reporting finding an increasing number of instances of proof of concept (PoC) code that incorporates the recently discovered Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. If you somehow missed those earlier reports, Spectre and Meltdown are a pair of critical security flaws recently discovered in literally every Intel chip set made […]

Oracle is currently the third-largest provider of POS (Point of Sale) software on the market today, which means that there’s a fairly good chance you’re using an Oracle POS system.  If you are, there’s trouble ahead.  A recently discovered security flaw could put your system at risk. Oracle has already identified and patched the security […]

If ever there were two phrases that didn’t seem to go together, they would probably be “Fitness trackers” and “National Security Risk.”  The very idea that a simple fitness tracker could pose such a risk seems laughable on the surface, but this is no laughing matter. Recently, a popular fitness tracking app called “Strava” published […]

Google recently released their Play Store stats for 2017.  The results are both encouraging and disheartening.  Overall, Google caught and removed more than 700,000 malicious apps from the Play Store, minimizing their impact on the company’s massive Android user base. That’s unquestionably good news, but it comes with a bit of a dark side.  That […]

Recently, Apple found itself in hot water with its normally adoring user base. This happened when it became known that the company was intentionally throttling (slowing down) the speed of older iPhones. The company’s intentions were good.  They clearly meant well.  The move was designed to even out performance in older equipment.  As cellphone batteries […]

Another day, another high-profile ransomware attack.  This time, the victim was Allscripts, an EHR (Electronic Health Record) company that hospitals, pharmacies, and ambulatory centers around the country rely on. The company’s data was thought to be safe on the cloud, but that proved not to be the case. Disruptions of services were felt by Allscripts […]

Recently a critical flaw was found inside every Intel chip made during the last decade.  The flaw makes two different exploits possible.  These exploits have been dubbed “Meltdown” and “Spectre.” The flaws are incredibly severe, and make it possible for a hacker to gain complete, unfettered access to the targeted PC or laptop.  Although no […]