Depending on who you ask, Google’s Project Zero is either the thing that’s going to singlehandedly save the internet, or the bane of many companies’ existence.  It’s easy to see both sides of the argument. On one hand, by uncovering previously undiscovered bugs in all manner of software and handing that information over to the […]

AT&T has big plans for their future and yours. If they’re your carrier of choice, and if you live in the cities of Dallas, Atlanta, or Waco, then you stand to be on the cutting edge of the changes the company has in store. Those locations have been selected to be the first to receive […]

Android users have a reason to cheer.  According to the latest report by ESET, the number of ransomware attacks targeting Android devices declined in 2017.  The decline represents a bit of an anomaly, given that in 2017, the most common type of malware attack (by a wide margin) was ransomware.  Given that security researchers can’t […]

SIM cards have long been a source of frustration for equipment manufacturers.  With the relentless drive to produce smaller and smaller devices, the SIM card is a hurdle to be overcome.  It’s relatively large, and when you account for the necessary housing, it becomes quite the design challenge. That challenge seems to have been met, […]

Recently, another “exotic character” bug was found in iOS.  If someone sends this particular character (a special character that’s part of the Indian language pack) to your phone via any messaging app, it will not only crash your phone, but cause a variety of messaging apps to stop functioning. When the bug was initially reported, […]

Do you own a Mac?  Do you use APFS “sparse disk images?”  If so, be aware that under certain conditions, your trusty computer may allow you to copy important data into the void where it will be lost forever, without giving you a heads up first. This unusual error was recently discovered by Mike Bombich, […]

Here’s a statistic that is as disturbing as it is frustrating.  According to the latest “State of the Internet/Security” report for the fourth quarter of 2017, as published by Akamai, bot-traffic accounts for a staggering 43 percent of all login attempts.  As bad as that figure is on its face, it’s far worse for companies […]

Rumors of the death of HDD technology have been greatly exaggerated.  The advancement of solid state technology and its increasing rate of adoption has been largely responsible for this, but don’t count old school HDDs out just yet.  They still have many important advantages, and recent breakthroughs should add further to the longevity of the […]