For many business owners, Google’s announcement to switch over to mobile-first indexing comes as a real shocker. It’s a revolutionary thing to do in a world of disruptive technology. Since the beginning of the World Wide Web, a company’s desktop website was their first and foremost consideration when developing a marketing plan. With the new […]

From the word go, the term communication indicates that there is more than one party involved in the conversation. For there to be effective communication, both parties must understand what the other is saying. Communication in business is somewhat different from casual communication, say among friends. In business, the stakes are higher. Much more is […]

This is where you integrate digital technology into all aspects of your business. It may sound complicated, but it’s not if you use the right IT advisor.  Why should you adopt it? Because it can help you cut costs, increase productivity, and deliver the value your customers demand.  

Excel Like A Pro Part III  This is the final of a three-part series about using Microsoft Excel 2016. It will cover some of the more advanced topics. If you aren’t great with numbers, don’t worry. Excel does the work for you. With the 2016 version of Excel, Microsoft really upped its game. Excel’s […]

Accounting, just like every other profession, is affected by our ever-changing world. The increase in technological advances alone can leave your head spinning.  Though technology endeavors to make work easier for everyone, it requires your full attention to keep up. However, technology is responsible for numerous positive changes in every field or industry. An accounting […]

Communication is definitely made more accessible as a result of technology. Unlike previous years where people placed heavy reliance on letters and messengers, currently, people can communicate at the tap of a button. Communication is essential in any business. For people to know what is required of them in the business environment, for suppliers to […]

This article is an analysis of topics related to technology that topped the charts in 2017 and are still trending in 2018. No doubt, cybersecurity was a priority topic and many positive advancements were made there. The Internet of Things became a much more talked-about issue, mostly due to its vulnerabilities to hacking schemes. The […]

Experts in the tech world are giving their input on what is planned by state and local Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in terms of security for all of today’s technology. For so long, technology has existed and yet the public has taken its security for granted. But, sometime last year, giants of industry like Cisco […]

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