From protected health information to credit card data, businesses today process and store highly confidential data. Data breaches are increasing as hackers, and cyber mafias steal data for profit. Cybercrime is a big business, and your data is a valuable commodity. These cyber mafias are more organized than you hear on the news. They have offices in nice buildings, use org charts, have “partners” around the world, and are constantly creating new, more sophisticated technology to steal your data.

We’ve been offering Managed Security Services well before this was a popular buzzword – services that most other providers are just beginning to provide. It’s not possible for most traditional IT providers to give you the security advice you need. They may think that taking some training classes or reading a few articles makes them expert advisors – it doesn’t.

Solis Security has helped hundreds of organizations improve their cybersecurity posture with focused, customized managed security solutions. These solutions are based on our proprietary blend of optimized technologies that go well beyond what a typical IT service provider can deliver–and we provide them at a reasonable price.

Solis Security provides a focused set of Managed IT and Cybersecurity Services based on your organization’s unique needs. Whether you need technology services in the Austin area or anywhere else, we can maintain and support your technology investments to ensure complete security and optimal performance.

Solis Security was founded in 2003 upon the principle of providing advice to community and regional banks around information security and compliance. Since then, we’ve evolved to assist hundreds of companies in industries where compliance is a requirement and part of everyday life.