Solis Security At DEFCON

Members of the Solis Security team are proud to have competed in an Open-Source Intelligence Capture-the-Flag (CTF) contest at this year’s DEFCON, held by Trace Labs. Whereas many cybersecurity events like this offer CTF competitions for attendees to exercise their skills, this is the only non-theoretical event of its kind. The 50 teams involved were tasked with finding an actual missing child, investigating available information in the eight allotted hours, and passing any relevant findings on the law enforcement in the hopes of locating them.

The requirement was that all information had to be obtained from open sources and online resources such as social media sites and news sites that did not require any payment for content.

Each piece of information gathered by the teams was judged, for which points were awarded – the teams with the most points won the competition. Solis Security employees competed in two different teams, which came in second and sixth overall.

This is a testament to our employees and their commitment to do hard work that ultimately improves lives. We are extremely proud of our employees who attended the event. They learned a tremendous amount of information, networked with many other cybersecurity professionals and were able to give back to the community with their work.

The second-place team, Freedom Dirtbags, was successful in actually locating their missing child, validating their effort beyond the competition itself. Also worthy of note is the sixth-place “team”, Talon, comprised of just a single person. Whereas all other teams had 3 or 4 members, Talon competed alone for the 8-hour event and even obtained enough information to come in sixth.

It should be noted that we are only aware of the outcome of one of the children the teams were tasked with locating. The child was unfortunately found deceased soon after the contest. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

The Solis Security team is proud to have taken part in this important event. As vital as it is for cybersecurity professionals like those on our team to practice and hone their skills, it’s especially commendable of DEFCON and Trace Labs to put competitions like these to good use in finding missing persons.

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