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RottenSys Malware Has Infected 5M Android Devices Since 2016

There’s a new threat on the horizon, according to security researchers from Check Point.  A group of hackers in China are busy building a massive botnet that so far, totals almost five million Android smartphones.  The hackers are quietly taking control of these devices using a strain of malware known as “RottenSys.” While the malware […]

Google Changing Name Of Android Wear Without Updates

Wearable computing devices from smart watches to glasses are struggling to find an audience, and Google’s Android Wear operating system hasn’t gotten much love in recent years.  It has weakened as major players in the tech space have struggled to find a market for these products. On the face of it, these products would seem […]

Intel Taking Additional Steps To Prevent Security Flaws

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard of “Spectre,” one of two recently discovered security flaws that impact every chip made by Intel in the last ten years. The story of Spectre, and Intel’s response to it has been an interesting one.  In response to the flaw’s discovery, Intel rushed a firmware patch, but quickly had […]

Massive Malware Attack Stemmed From Bittorent App

According to a Microsoft security researcher, a massive malware attack attempted to install a cryptocurrency mining software on more than 400,000 computers in less than twelve hours.  The failed campaign is noteworthy because of the attack vector used.  It was a supply chain attack implemented by compromising Bittorrent, a highly popular program used to share […]

Does Your Business Have A Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan?

If your company has an incident response plan that you can rely on in the face of a cyber attack, then you’re ahead of most of the world, according to research recently conducted by the Ponemon Institute. Shockingly, more than 75 percent of survey respondents from around the world admitted that they have no formal […]

You Can Now Search Google From iMessage With App Download

There’s a fun, new update for Apple’s iMessage app that will probably make lots of power users happy.  As long as you also have Google’s iOS app installed, you’ll be able to perform Google searches from within iMessage itself. In order to make it work, you’ll have to go into the app drawer (App Store […]

New Freemium Offer Mines Cryptocurrency

Freemium software is certainly nothing new.  They are free apps that offer premium features if you don’t mind ads displaying while you’re using it or paying a small fee to have the ads removed.  At least one company is trying a new business model on for size, albeit with limited success. The company is Qbix, […]

New Chips Support Increased Network Speeds To 400Gbps

Marvell Semiconductor has a new product out, and it’s a game changer.  Their new “Alaska” chip (the Alaska C 88×7120) is the first on the market to support the new 802.3 standard.  The 802.3cd is on tap to eventually replace current Ethernet ports running at 25Gbps to 100Gbps with ports that will run at 50Gbps, […]

Attacks on Health Organizations Increasing At Alarming Rate

It used to be the case that credit card companies and retail outlets were the primary targets of hackers around the world.  Make no mistake, they still get attacked with regularity, but the hackers have found a new and even more lucrative target:  Health Organizations. According to a new report jointly produced by the Ponemon […]

Beware Fake Craigslist Email Could Contain Ransomware

If you post ads on Craigslist for short term employment, be aware that there’s a new malspam campaign that aims to distribute Sigma ransomware on the computers of unwary users. By all outward appearances, the emails seem to come from Craigslist in response to ads posted in Craigslist’s “Gigs” section for short term employment.  The […]


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