We’ve been offering Managed Security Services well before this was a popular buzzword – services that most other providers are just beginning to provide. It’s not possible for most traditional IT providers to give you the security advice you need. They may think that taking some training classes or reading a few articles makes them expert advisors – it doesn’t.

With Solis Security, you have real practitioners who have been working in the cybersecurity space for over a decade. Our experts have been serving industries where compliance and data security are a stringent requirement. We have recent practical experience and success providing security for those in the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries who employ from 20 to over 25,000 individuals.

Our Cybersecurity Advisors can ensure your organization complies with legal and industry regulatory requirements. They’ll provide the assurance that your data is safe.

Solis Security is your go-to IT Security Expert. We’ll ensure cybersecurity for:

  • Your Business– When you incorporate our risk management guidance into your corporate governance, you’ll have the security solutions in place to comply with legal, healthcare or industry regulations.
  • Business Associates and Vendors– We step in and determine if your vendors and business associates have effective cybersecurity controls in place. We assess their systems from top to bottom, review policies, read audit findings and interview key people in their organization so you know they can protect your data. This is a requirement for HIPAA compliance and other industry regulations.
  • Employee Behavior– Unless your employees are trained to recognize the latest cyber threats, they will be the weakest link in your defense. Our experts can conduct customized Security Awareness Training, so your staff knows what to look for, how to keep from being tricked by hackers, and can follow security policies when faced with a potential threat. Whether our cybersecurity experts are speaking to a frontline employee or a director on your board, you can be assured that they will communicate effectively and professionally and in plain language, not “tech talk.”
  • Your Customers – We offer services to Technology Solution Providers who need a Cybersecurity Specialist to assist with their customers’ compliance needs. Plus, we assist PCI Auditors when their clients need technology security to comply with regulations.

We Can Provide Expert Assistance and Peace of Mind If You Experience a Data Breach

Our cybersecurity experts can step in and manage an incident from beginning to end. We’ll work with your executive team, board, legal counsel, insurance companies, law enforcement and anyone you require to ensure your losses are minimized, and that the right actions are taken to protect your organization and its reputation.

We’ve built our sterling reputation on achieving real-world results. If you need us, we’re here 24/7. To speak with one of our Cybersecurity Experts call (512) 614-2041, email sales@gosolis.com or complete our contact form.