Solis Security has helped hundreds of organizations improve their cybersecurity posture with focused, customized managed security solutions. These solutions are based on our proprietary blend of optimized technologies that go well beyond what a typical IT service provider can deliver–and we provide them at a reasonable price.

We’ve been offering Managed Security Services well before this was a popular buzzword–Services that most other providers are just beginning to employ. Some examples include our:

  • Private Cloud Services,
  • Cybersecurity Assessments,
  • Cybersecurity Program Design and Implementation,
  • Web Security Application,
  • Firewall Architecture Management,
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM-as-a-Service),
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection, and
  • Compromised Assessments.*

*Unlike others, we go in and locate the infections that already exist in your IT system. You may have a rootkit sitting on your software without knowing it. Our solution interrogates every computer and server to find malware and other compromised assets. We’ll then tell you how we can remove these threats.

Solis Security Offers World-Class Managed Security on Both a Contracting or Subcontracting Basis

Our Team specializes in serving industries where compliance and data security are a requirement. They have recent practical experience and success providing security for those in the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries who employ from 20 to over 25,000 individuals.

We also offer services to other Technology Solution Providers who need a Cybersecurity Specialist to assist with their customers’ needs. Plus, we assist PCI Auditors when their clients need technology security to meet compliance.

Solis Security is known for our World-Class Managed Security, and for setting security standards in our industry. We’ve done this with innovative solutions and exclusive IT architectures that others try to match but can’t.

Our proprietary security employs a private cloud with a fully redundant system that’s replicated across multiple data centers. If a system is compromised, a new clone of that system will spin up a fresh image in a manner of seconds.

You can depend on us to be your go-to resource when it comes to cybersecurity readiness. We’ll work with your leadership team to create a customized cybersecurity program that protects your IT from threats such as ransomware and Trojans. We’ll deploy multiple layers of security controls for a defense-in-depth infrastructure that will shield you from intrusions and data breaches, 24/7.

To speak with one of our Cybersecurity Experts call (512) 614-2041, email or complete our contact form.