From protected health information to credit card data, businesses today process and store highly confidential data. Data breaches are increasing as hackers, and cyber mafias steal data for profit. Cybercrime is a big business, and your data is a valuable commodity. These cyber mafias are more organized than you hear on the news. They have offices in nice buildings, use org charts, have “partners” around the world, and are constantly creating new, more sophisticated technology to steal your data.

Financial organizations and healthcare practices are some of the biggest targets for these thieves. Without an enterprise-based solution to protect your data, you could end up like the Equifax’s of the world, in the “bad news” section of the newspapers.

With the propensity of data breaches, ransomware, denial-of-service attacks and even insider theft, the best data protection and security controls are essential for your organization today. You must know that your data is protected, backed up properly and can be restored quickly if it’s lost or damaged.

Solis Security employs multiple layers of security controls that will protect your data and IT environment making it virtually impossible for these bad actors to get in. Our proprietary security architecture in the private cloud creates a fully redundant system that is replicated across multiple data centers. If your data is compromised or damaged, a new clone of your system and data will be spun up with a new fresh image in a manner of seconds.

With data protection from Solis Security, you’ll have expertise from real practitioners who have protected data for businesses for over a decade. Our experts have been serving industries where compliance and data security are a stringent requirement. We have recent practical experience and success providing data protection for those in the insurance, healthcare and financial services industries who employ from 20 to over 25,000 individuals

We know you have unique requirements, and we’re ready to meet them. Don’t settle for amateurs. Our experts can deploy a managed security solution to protect your data and give you the peace-of-mind that it can always be recovered.

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