When a business
detects a breach, it
probably has already
been in place for at
least one year.

If you think you’re too small to be a target... you’re dead wrong.

If you think you have nothing to steal... you’re dead wrong.

If you think you could recover from a breach quickly... you’re dead wrong.

If you think your IT guy has it covered... you are most likely... dead wrong.

No graphics here, just straight talk.

A written security policy you hand your employees once a year does not cut it.

Your customers will leave you.
Your partners will abandon you.
Your employees will lose respect for you.
You will be sued by one or more of the above.
The Feds may get involved.

It is no longer a back-burner objective.

You need a security assessment. You need a security plan.
You need an ongoing security practice.

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