Solis Secure 360

Solis Secure 360 is a security information event management system with additional features such as configuration auditing, file integrity monitoring and more.

You can elect to have 360 hosted in Solis’s secure cloud and managed by trained Solis engineers or license it for your own use.

If you have been turned off by the expensive cost of solutions out there today, contact Solis today for a demo and assessment on how it can meet your log and configuration management needs.

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Solis PTI

Solis Proactive Threat Intelligence (PTI) is a corporate identity detection product. PTI has the ability to query and monitor for identification assets belonging to your company that are for sale in the nefarious world of the dark web.

Solis can monitor for email addresses, account numbers, BIN’s and other attributes. We can alert you or integrate with your existing security or HR systems to provide immediate notification.

Schedule a demo with today and we can show you the power of PTI.

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Solis Secure Phish

Solis Secure Phish is a comprehensive solution to provide year round testing of your employees and board members against the threat of the impostor email.

It is estimated that over 80% of the published breaches in 2014 started with a rogue email.

Today’s phishers are smarter and more devious than ever. Your employees need to stay on their toes.

Solis Secure Phish offers reporting and can integrate into most HR systems.

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Solis Educate

Solis Educate is the piece that ties all of it together. No matter how much technology you have in place to thwart attacks, your employees are your first line of defense.

Our security consultants often discover the only education employees get about cyber security is a five minute session during on-boarding.

Solis offers an on-line-based training system that help educate your employees on cyber security for different roles and different levels.

LMS integration is available.

Schedule a tour today of a fantastic learning system!

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