Solis Secure 360 is a SIEM designed for the practical company who is not in the business of staffing and dedicating massive expenses to a log management system.

Solis Secure 360 allows Solis resources to manage, alert and even mitigate issues as they are detected.

Solis will also create monthly executive reports so your audit commitee and Board of Directors can be aptly informed.


Log Management is a key to any company that must be compliant whether its PCI, SOX, FFIEC, HIPAA or all of the above. Solis Secure 360 makes this easy. Most devices do not require agents and 360 will pull the log data in, parse it and inform with little to no effort on your part. 


Solis Secure 360 can ingest your configuration and compare it to best practice standards such as CIS and DISA STIGs so you can know how you stack up. Many companies rely on once-a-year audits to perform this vital step. Solis Secure 360 automates it and make it a recurring part of your operational processes.


Incidents happen. Sometimes it could be an internal incident and you need evidence to terminate or ajudicate. Sometimes it can be an unauthorized third party attempting or actually doing damage. If you have all your relevant assets sending logs to 360, you will have the data and the analytical tools required to assist in the investigation collect the evidence needed to take the appropriate actions.

You need to take to protect your company, your employees, your partners and your customers and Solis Secure 360 can help.


File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is the old staple of a secure infrastucture. Many small and medium companies do not know it exists even though it has been around for a long time in the enterprise. There will always be the need to monitor crucial files. There are files that should never change. There are others that should change only when approved.

Solis Secure 360 allows you to identify those files and monitor them closely, alerting you so you can take the appropriate action.


Many SIEM solutions sit in an environment and do nothing more than collect data. Many companies only view it as a just-in-case tool or something they have to have in order to comply. 360 gives you valuable information that can actually help you understand your enviornment better and even help your employees be more secure aware. Solis Secure 360 is designed to be an active part of your infrastructure.


Solis Secure 360 is always a work in progress. Enhancements, features and add-ons are being released throughout the year. If you have something that customized, 360 can probably handle it.

Be assured, Solis Secure 360 will be constantly improving to provide you greater value over time.

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