It is impossible for the traditional IT provider to give trusted security advice. It is more than taking some training classes or reading books. With Solis, you have real practitioners that have been in the cybersecurity space for over a decade. Our security experts know that organizations don’t have open checkbooks for cybersecurity. We have built our sterling reputation on achieving real-world results. Our customers receive advice that matches their needs. Our advice ensures they meet their legal and regulatory requirements. Our security advice leads to security decisions that help our customers’ give their customers the assurances they need to keep their data safe.

Solis’ security experts can help you:

  • Managing vendors – we step in and assess your critical vendors to ensure they have effective cybersecurity controls in place. We assess them from top to bottom, reviewing policies, reading audit findings and interviewing key people in their organization so you know the vendor has your best interests when it comes to protecting your data.
  • Complete compliance – when you have a ‘risk management’ requirement as part of your corporate governance needs, our security solutions will include the pieces needed to ensure you can prove you are compliant.
  • Experts who can communicate – there are lots of smart people out there, but you need a cybersecurity expert that listens and communicates with you in terms you can understand. We only hire capable experts with strong communication skills. Whether our cybersecurity consultant is speaking to a frontline employee or a director on your board, you can be assured our expert will communicate effectively and professionally each and every time.

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