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Solis Security brings real-world experience to the table, giving you the insight you need to build a security policy that does more than just look good on paper.  




We will find a solution for you - we will not fit you into a solution

When Solis was founded in 2003, it was with a goal to provide services that organizations needed, and at a reasonable cost. And while our offerings have changed over the years, this core philosophy hasn't.

While the foundational tenets of cybersecurity are the same across all organizations, there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Every one of our team members is dedicated to protecting organizations from the dreadful effects that a cyber breach can have, and when we talk to companies about their cybersecurity needs, we use our broad and deep experience in security and compliance to develop a risk profile that allows us to create a plan specific to the type of data that is stored, the requirements of industry regulators, and a myriad of other factors.  Our solutions will fit your needs, not the other way around. 

How can we help?

  • We need help prioritizing what to do first >>
  • Our industry has to be compliant with certain regulations and we need help >>
  • We don't have a cybersecurity policy in place >>
  • We need help creating documents to stay compliant >>
  • Our insurance carrier is requiring us to get a Pen Test.  >>
  • We work with a service provider that doesn't specialize in cybersecurity.  >>
Prioritize your cybersecurity needs

One thing we often hear from small or medium-sized businesses, is "We know we need something, but we don't know where to start."  Perhaps your in-house IT group is managing your basic network protection with firewalls and anti-virus, but you know that a more robust cybersecurity plan is needed. Or you are storing credit card or personal information and need to insure you are compliant with PCI or other data protection regulations.  Whatever your specific organizational needs are, our experienced Cybersecurity Consultants can help guide you to the next step. 

Governance, Risk Management, and compliance (GRC)

GRC is an organizational strategy that provides a framework to make decisions regarding cyber risk, aligns IT with organizational objectives, and ensures risk is not siloed within different departments, such as legal or finance.  Since being founded in 2003, Solis Security has worked extensively with highly regulated industries, including:  Finance, Healthcare, Government, Energy, and Education.  We have deep and wide experience in all aspects of creating, implementing, and managing GRC, and can provide guidance through our Cybersecurity Consulting and vISO services.

creating a cybersecurity policy

Despite the increase in cyber attacks, and the devastating effects on businesses, it is estimated that as many as 75% of businesses don't have a formal Incident Response Plan in place.  

Solis Security offers advisory services for the creation, review and maintenance of an organization-wide cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (“IRP”). We leverage standards and frameworks that speak to Incident Response, such as the Computer Security Incident Handling Guide published by NIST, the Incident Response Reference Guide published by Microsoft, Guidance on Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Customer Information and Customer published by the FFIEC, and more.

The IRP will factor in process and compliance requirements of all facets of the organization, including: business resumption, compliance, legal, partner, customers and culture.

Pen Testing

Le Pentesting et le Standard PTES - Nomios

The goal of Pen Testing is to find security weaknesses. By using ethical hacking techniques to find vulnerabilities, an organization can reduce the chance of insider threats  and external cyber attacks. Pen Testing is a non-invasive assessment that can provide extremely valuable information regarding an organization's cyber posture, and be can helpful for both internal policy writing and security management.  Recently, cybersecurity insurance underwriters have started requiring that certain clients go through the Pen Testing process prior to authorizing their policies and, possibly, costly payouts. 

Solis Security offers a full line of Penetration Testing engagements to fulfill all of your offensive security needs.  We often recommend pen testing as part of an over all security plan, but if your needs for pen testing are We follow the Penetration Testing Execution Standard which can include many of Compliance frameworks such as PCI or HIPAA.  

Managed Service provider vs Managed security service provider

Managed Service Providers are an excellent resource for many small and medium sized business that may not have the budget or resources to focus on the day to day management of their IT systems.   Employing systems and network administrators, MSPs  offer expertise in network and email management, systems administration, and cloud services.  Many MSPs claim to offer security solutions, however, they are typically limited to basic firewall management, antivirus, and monitoring software.

As a Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP, Solis Security focuses on advanced cybersecurity planning and implementation.   Our services go way beyond installing monitoring software or server security patches.  We actively prevent, detect, and respond to threats in real time.  Plus, our cybersecurity experts have extensive training and experience developing cybersecurity solutions for an array of industries, and are aware of the complexities of various legal, financial and data privacy regulations and compliance measures.  We partner with many MSPs,  creating cybersecurity solutions for their both clients and for their in-house systems as well. 

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