Because even the best laid plans can go awry.

    Thirty seconds.  That is all it takes for malware to start destroying your systems and data, cripple your network, and cost your organization thousands, or even millions of dollars. 


    DFIR Retainer

    When faced with a breach, finding, vetting, and engaging a cybersecurity team to manage an attack could mean losing critical hours or even days, and cost more money, more downtime, and more grief. Having an Incident Response Retainer in place with Solis Security insures you will be in capable hands within minutes. 

    Clients covered under a Solis Security IR Retainer benefit from:
    • Dedicated email address to submit requests for services, with guaranteed 1-hour response time, M-F 8am – 9pm CT, non-holidays
    • Incident Hotline Number with 24x7x365 coverage
    • Dedicated personnel to respond to requests for services
    • Organized, efficient protocols for managing the DFIR process
    • Advisory services for negotiations or procurement needs related to cryptocurrency demands 
    • Decryption support
    • A liaison between cryptocurrency transaction providers
    • Sanctions Reports that may be required by Legal
    • Extortion negotiations services
    • Assistance and advice related to preparation, development, updating and execution of cyber extortion and decryption facets of  Incident Response Plan

    We are so very thankful that we had your team to help us navigate through this hard time. The technical help was great and the moral support was also amazing. Every person who helped us made us feel calm.  I’ve already recommended you to other friends who run businesses.

    Trust Experience

    Successfully responding to a cyber incident requires specialized skills and tools, but it is the hands on, real-world experience that truly differentiates how quickly and effectively an incident is managed.

    Solis Security has experience. We have remediated ransomware, malware, and business email compromise cases for organizations in a variety of industries and government agencies. This experience has informed our processes and protocols and streamlined our methods for getting companies back up and running with the greatest efficiency.

    Incident Response Retainer

    When an incident occurs, you need Solis Security behind you.