The DFIR Process

When you reach out to Solis Security with a malware attack, ransomware breach, or business email compromise, time is of the essence, which is why our customers are guaranteed a 1-hour response time.

Your initial engagement will start with a member of one of our Incident Response Teams (IRT).  An IRT is composed of experts who will be by your side throughout the entire process. The IRT understands that the situation is stressful and your contact will calmly walk your company through a series of questions to understand the incident, its impact, and what steps need to take place immediately.  In addition, they will provide detailed instructions to your on-site team to ensure valuable forensics information is saved.

The IRT will determine if further outside parties need to be involved, such as attorneys and law enforcement agencies. They will document guidelines for interactions with other organizations regarding the incident. Because these communications often need to occur quickly, we have predetermined guidelines so that only the appropriate information is shared with the right parties

In addition, our Incident Response Team will:
  • Determine the source, scope, and sensitivity of a data loss.
  • Identify and collect critical evidence to determine your legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Secure critical evidence to support investigations or legal cases.
  • Protect your organization against internal and external disclosures.
  •  Help you retain customers and clients.
  • Conduct lessons-learned training to prevent future breaches.
  • Provide reporting that summarizes and details what was done, what was learned, and what needs to be done.


Incident Response Retainer

When an incident occurs, you need Solis Security behind you.