Incident Response Planning

Incident Response Planning

Solis Security offers advisory services for the creation, review and maintenance of an organization-wide cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (“IRP”). We leverage standards and frameworks that speak to Incident Response, such as the Computer Security Incident Handling Guide published by NIST, the Incident Response Reference Guide published by Microsoft, Guidance on Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Customer Information and Customer published by the FFIEC, and more.

The IRP will factor in process and compliance requirements of all facets of the organization, including: business resumption, compliance, legal, partner, customers and culture. The IRP is a living document that requires ongoing review and updating which reflects the client’s technology changes, business changes and changes in the threat landscape.

Incident Response: Tabletop Exercise

A Tabletop Exercise assesses the viability of an organization’s Incident Response Plan (IRP) by testing it against a variety of simulated cyber attacks.

Solis Security will facilitate the Tabletop Exercise and offer insight on plan deficiencies or areas for improvement. Our security analysts will provide detailed documentation outlining proposed changes to the IRP and can assist the client in making any updates.

An IRP Tabletop Exercise should be performed at least annually; however, if an organization has material changes to the environment during the course of the year, such as an acquisition or migration to a new accounting platform, etc., another test may be required.