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Adapting to the Work -from-Home model has put a spotlight on the IT infrastructure and cybersecurity needs of organizations. Tens of millions of unprotected devices have created attack vectors that threat actors never had access to previously, and many Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) have realized their cybersecurity gaps are actually gaping holes. Threat actors are no longer trying to find a small window to squeeze through – they have an open 8-lane highway taking them to the front door.




Cybersecurity is not a choice or a luxury

Cybersecurity is complex. It’s time-consuming. It’s hard to implement. It’s expensive. It's for enterprise corporations. 

We've had this conversation while sitting in many C-suite offices over the years. Leaders of small and medium-sized organizations who used to think Cybersecurity Programs were only for big companies, are realizing that there are very few organizations that don’t need one. Of course, the scale and breadth of requirements might differ, but if you are managing, storing, or accessing data that includes intellectual property, financial data, or personal health information, it doesn’t matter if you are a small non-profit with a staff of 10 or a financial services company with hundreds of employees; cybersecurity has to be a consideration.

An organization’s Information Security Program is the critical roadmap for the effective management of security practices and controls. The implementation of an Information Security Program will help to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client and customer information, as well as data essential to the organization.

Managed Cybersecurity Services For SMBs

Solis Security has helped hundreds of organizations improve their cybersecurity posture with our broad suite of Managed Cybersecurity Services.  The SolisSecure ™ framework is our continuous lifecycle approach to cybersecurity, and is informed by our deep, real-world experience in Incident Response and Digital Forensics. We mitigate cyberattacks every day, so we understand the vulnerabilities that threat actors look for and the steps an organization should take to alleviate the impact of a breach. 

You can depend on Solis to be your go-to resource when it comes to cybersecurity readiness. We’ll work with your leadership team to create a customized Cybersecurity Program that protects your IT from threats such as ransomware and Trojans. We’ll deploy multiple layers of security controls for a defense-in-depth infrastructure that will shield you from intrusions and data breaches, 24/7.

4 Benefits of Solis Managed Cybersecurity


The Solis Security team offers in-depth knowledge of cyber threats and the best defensive tactics to mitigate them. The Solis360 framework is built around an all-inclusive approach that includes assessing your vulnerabilities, then strengthening and maintaining your cybersecurity posture, implementing a detection and monitoring framework, training your staff, and thoroughly testing your systems


For most SMBs, internal IT staff aren’t equipped with the expertise to devise and maintain a cybersecurity plan that can keep up with the increasingly complex and evolving threat landscape. Businesses simply don’t have the time to bridge the skills gap, nor do they have the money to expand headcount to add experienced and skilled cybersecurity professionals.

With Solis Security at your side, you will have access to an entire team of cybersecurity experts for less than the cost of one full time security specialist.


Many of the software and systems you already use have built-in security features. With your budget in mind, Solis can advise you on hardening techniques to strengthen the security of existing software if it is a feasible option for your organization. If current technology doesn’t meet regulatory standards, we will recommend specialized tools that will integrate with your infrastructure. We won’t oversell you on products and services you don’t need, period.


One size does not fit all. The cybersecurity solution for your organization is determined by the type of data you collect, share, and store and the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance regulations your industry falls under. Our security consultants have deep experience in regulated industries and the Solis360 approach is focused on creating affordable and thorough solutions that meet the standards required by your industry.

It's time to take Cybersecurity seriously. See how we can help.