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Managed Service Providers are an excellent resource for organizations that may not have the budget or resources to focus on the day-to day management of their IT systems.   MSPs offer expertise in network and email management, systems administration, and cloud services.  Many MSPs offer security solutions, however, they are typically limited to basic firewall management, antivirus, and monitoring software.

As a Managed Security Service Provider, or MSSP, Solis Security focuses on advanced cybersecurity planning and implementation as well as proactive Incident Response Planning and Remediation.  We actively prevent, detect, and respond to threats in real time.  Plus, our cybersecurity experts have extensive training and experience developing cybersecurity solutions for an array of industries, and are aware of the complexities of various legal, financial and data privacy regulations and compliance measures. 

We partner with many MSPs, creating cybersecurity solutions for their both clients and for their in-house systems as well.

Partner options for managed service providers

INCIDENT RESPONSE planning & testing

Solis Security will provide advisory services for the creation, review and maintenance of an organization-wide cybersecurity Incident Response Plan.  The IRP will factor in process and compliance requirements of all facets of the organization, including business resumption, compliance, legal, partner, customers and culture. The IRP is a living document that requires ongoing review and updating which reflects the client’s technology changes, business changes and changes in the threat landscape.

A Tabletop Exercise assesses the viability of an organization’s Incident Response Plan (IRP) by testing it against a variety of simulated cyber-attacks.
Solis Security will facilitate the Tabletop Exercise and offer insight on plan deficiencies or areas for improvement. Our security analysts will provide detailed documentation outlining proposed changes to the IRP and can assist the client in making any updates.

Incident Response Retainer

As an MSP, you may be concerned that one cyber incident could destroy one of your clients overnight.  Though cybersecurity insurance policies provide protection from the ramifications of an attack, you may have clients that want an alternative. That is where an Incident Response Retainer comes in.

Your priority in working with an Incident Response partner is knowing you, and your customers, won’t be let down. Having an Incident Response Retainer in place with Solis Security ensures your customers will be in capable hands within minutes.  And if your client is fortunate to not require our services during the retainer period, they can still reap the benefits of our incident response advisory and testing services.

Managed Security Services

Solis Security has partnered with MSPs for year to assist with both internal and client-facing cybersecurity projects and ongoing managed services.  Whether your clients need security testing. security policy creation or full service virtual information security officer services, Solis Security will represent you and and ensure their cybersecurity  needs are met.


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