Your first line of defense in cybersecurity

is an informed and vigilant staff.

All of the defensive steps your organization takes to stop cyber criminals can be thwarted by a single successful phishing email or malware-loaded pop-up. Any employee can be easy prey to the ever-changing techniques of attackers, but even the most sophisticated schemes all count on one thing: user choices.


Your first line of defense

While software, monitoring, and testing are extremely important in your cybersecurity arsenal, your first line of defense against cyber attacks is vigilant and knowledgeable employees.

Security Awareness Training

Because informed employees are drastically less prone to fall for scams, Security Awareness Training is a core feature of Solis Security’s Cybersecurity Solutions.  Our training focuses on using real-world scenarios to demonstrate how to identify and mitigate cyber threats of all types. Topics include:

  • Acceptable Use Policies
  • Safe Computing Practices
  • Social Engineering and Phishing
  • Password Best Practices
  • e-Mail Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Physical Security

Training Options

Self-Paced Training

Ease the burden of scheduling with self-paced learning. Solis utilizes the world's largest library of security awareness training content, including interactive modules, videos, and games to develop a curriculum specific to your organization. We will choose appropriate modules and manage the roll out of your training program using automated email invitations and reminders, then provide robust reports to show how individual employees fared, where weaknesses are, and what future steps are recommended.

Custom Live Training

Live training, whether in a classroom or online, is delivered by one of our cybersecurity professionals. With this option, your organization gets the advantage of complete customization, reflecting your business and industry. Our trainers will refer to your internal policies, use your vernacular, and relate topics to industry-specific regulations. By directly addressing students and demonstrating how security awareness fits into their daily lives, live training can create a more compelling training engagement, resulting in higher knowledge retention.

It's time to arm your
first line of defense.