Information Security Officer

In a world of emerging cyber threats, having an internal resource who understands your business and its unique cybersecurity and compliance needs is vital to ensuring your organization is protected. A Virtual Information Security Officer is a dedicated expert that works in your organization’s best interests to ensure that a solid and defensible security program is in place.

Solis Security’s Virtual Information Security Officer, or vISO, offers small and mid-sized businesses an experienced resource to manage and face cyber risk. By outsourcing this role, smaller firms get the benefit of working with a highly-specialized expert without adding headcount and incurring the significant expense usually associated with this position.

The vISO works in collaboration with your leadership team, bringing a security-minded viewpoint to business planning and company initiatives. From the development and execution of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy to considerations around key new hires, the vISO will assist in any areas of your business that affect your cybersecurity posture.

Key vISO Activities


Cybersecurity Policy

Creation, modification and review of company cybersecurity policies, standards and guidelines



Cyber Posture Review and Planning

Setting goals for leveraging technology, identifying gaps in your security program, and creating a roadmap for future changes and upgrades



Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor due diligence and review to ensure potential or existing vendors meet defined security thresholds



Regulatory Compliance

Driving strategy for regulatory compliance and validating that your organization meets all compliance requirements



Risk Assessment

Identifying risk and putting it into context based on organization goals and initiatives



Cyber Security Policies

Reviewing and updating security policies as compliance requirements change




Assistance in the preparation for audits and representing your company when working with auditors


Upgrade your cybersecurity team

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