Solis started doing managed security before it was a popular buzzword. We have been setting standards, creating innovative solutions and protecting companies data and information assets across the USA. Solis leads with security because one security incident can do irreversible harm to any company. Our security services will blow the doors of what other IT providers offer. Our experience and ability to create a managed solution that fits your organization’s needs cannot be beat.

When you sign up with Solis’s managed IT services, you can expect:

  • Real-world security solutions – cybersecurity cannot be cookie-cutter. Cybersecurity programs must reflect the business. Cybersecurity must reflect the culture. Security must be reasonable and fit within your budget.
  • Continuous monitoring, continuous improvement – a cybersecurity solution must be changing 24X7 adjusting to changing threats, emerging technologies and to more diverse workforces.
  • Peace of mind when something bad does happen – the FBI will tell you if a hacker targets you and wants to get in bad enough, they will spend the time and effort and do it. Solis has your back. Solis has unlimited sources of top cybersecurity experts that are available to respond if a bad situation occurs. We will manage the incident from beginning to end to after. We will work with your executive team, board, legal counsel, insurance companies, law enforcement and everyone in between to ensure that your organization gets back on their feet, that the losses are minimized and the right actions were taken to stop the criminals and aid in their prosecution.

Call today and reap the benefits customized and effective cybersecurity solution that will allow you to sleep at night.